In the Beginning

In 1936 many of the people of our community saw a great need for a new Church in our area. The nearest Church at the time was a distance of six miles, which made it difficult for many of the families to attend. The primary mode of transportation of that day was mule and wagon or walking. Since many of the people did not own a mule and wagon, walking was the only other option to them.

The name of the first church was “Pittman Creek”.

In July of 1938 the name was officially changed to “West Pittman Baptist Church.” The first pastor was Taylor White and services were held in his home. Service was held once monthly on a Saturday night and Sunday. It was not long until the congregation out grew White’s home and a brush arbor was built. Mr. D.C. McKinnon donated one acre of land and the trees from his farm to construct the Church. The trees were carried to Lockhart, AL and cut into lumber. Considering all the heavy work that had to be done with mules and wagons, this was no small accomplishment. The lumber was carried to the site and the building was dried in.

A New Church Established

On March 6, 1938 the first services were held in the new Church, with seventeen charter members attending. In 1947 electricity became available and the Church moved from the days of kerosene and gas lanterns to electric lights. The Church decided to begin having two services each month while Rev. Eugene Phillips was the pastor.

The Church moved to weekly services under the leadership of Rev. J.W. McCall.

The church then purchased a mobile home for the pastor and his family to live in. While plans were being developed to build a pastorium, there was little money but a lot of faith. Mr. and Mrs. Reno Smith donated the land for the pastorium and cemetery. Construction began on the pastorium and with faith and God’s abundant blessing it was finished within the year. Rev. Dennis Waldrop and his family were the first occupants to reside in the new pastorium.

New Sanctuary to Meet Needs

In the early 1970’s a decision was made to build a new sanctuary. With a little over $700.00 in the building fund the Church borrowed $10,000.00 from the American Bank and the new sanctuary was soon finished. The old church was used for Sunday School space and a fellowship area. This took place while Rev. Frazier Adamson was the pastor. During the mid 1980’s it was evident that the Church needed more education and fellowship space.

It was not until 1989 that the project was actually started with approximately $18,000.00 in the building fund.

The Church borrowed $3,500.00 and the work was finished and dedication services were held for the new building.

The Future is Optimistic

The Church continues to this date under the leadership of our current pastor Rev. Daniel Smith who became Pastor of the Church in September of 2018.

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